Horse Moon

Nõ†Hïñg mõ®è õ® Nõ†Hïñg £èšš; Júš† ãšH

ƒõ®èVè® ßõúñð, †Hè mè®çïèš õƒ šHãðõW

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Late Night Shambling Mounds.
Horse Moon
I don't keep this journal worth a shit, at least not like so many others do. The only time I really get into the thing is when I'm waiting around for something to happen or my mind such reaches out to LJ for a lack of something better to do. Like now, at 3:26am on a Friday morning, waiting around for phase 1 of my Silk Fudge cake to come out. Nine more minutes and counting down. My baby made bacon for me, which takes the edge off my throbbing leg. It fell out of the socket and snapped back last event and it's hurt all week. I'm going to take a flexerol when I got to bed. I need sleep well before an event; better make that a sleeping pill too. My hours at work are picking up and Target isn't so bad. Trying to find a place in TN; it will be easy to change stores with Target. I would love to be closer to my Larp family.

Event this weekend. I cannot wait.


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