Horse Moon

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Farewell, all my years of journaling
Horse Moon
I think this will be my last post. I haven't really touched this place in a long time and it's importance has declined from me greatly. It is time to close the chapter on Satyrsdance. It has been fun but in this journal are so many things that had outlived their time and should be placed to rest. So this is the end for my LJ experience. I will still blog occasionally but mostly, the need to record my thoughts every moment of the day has gone out of me. Perhaps because it was so intrensically tied to my teenage years that it went on for so long. Teenage and young adult. However, I find myself almost 25 and I want to move on from this. I won't be deleting my journal but I won't be posting in it any more after this.

I will still be making my occasional blog on Myspace.

Good Bye, Lj. It's been a blast.

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I am glad we met :)

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