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Females Need Not Apply
Horse Moon
Never have I been more offended, shocked and furious in my life.

There are a few things I have come to expect about job hunting. Long hours of filling out applications and very few returned calls. I have not, however, expected blatant sexism when dropping off a resume at a prospective place of employment.

Yes, sexism. Today I was told by the attendant at "Modern Ages Tobacco and Gifts" in Athens, GA that "we aren't looking to put a female on night shift because we've been robbed in the past." He went onto explain how "it isn't a personal thing against me, but the owner wouldn't put his own wife up here and he wouldn't want to do that to anyone else's wife or girlfriend either."

I barely contained my outrage as I left the store. Never mind I worked 4pm-10pm just up the street at Rite Aid for goddess knows how many years.

And yet "the area is dangerous".

I was livid and the first thing I did was send a letter of complaint to my local free newspaper. For an insult to me as a woman is an insult to all women.

I will not stand for such an insult, good intentions be damned.

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Babe, have you considered the fact that he was trying to be considerate and was concerned about your well-being? And the fact that, well, women AREN'T generally superior when it comes to physical altercations?

I mean, say someone DID try to rob the place, what exactly would you do?

I'm not really seeing how a women fronting a store being held up is much different from a man fronting a store being held up, assuming the miscreant is either determined or prepared. I sincerely doubt someone would be coming in and challenging the desk flunkie to an unarmed chickenfight for the contents of the cash drawer.

The "concern for wellfare" doesn't quite fly so well when you try to imagine someone saying "I wouldn't want to put my husband, brother, or son in a position I know is dangerous." Well, of course you wouldn't, but you're not saying that to the men who walk into the store, are you?

I think, at the very least, it was rude as hell, and that the hiring manager ought to have left it with a "we're not interested, thanks" and known when to keep his mouth shut otherwise.

Also (because I'm terrible about hitting the "post" button before I finish a thought) it's probably not worth the work involved, but that could easily be grounds for filing a charge with the EEOC. In case you're interested, here's the link to the local office and their policies on such things:

Or maybe not. Poop. Other than issues of equal pay, EEO laws don't cover businesses with fewer than 15 employees.

Thank you, Molly. I thought you would see it similarly and I appreciate the link regardless.

Have you considered that despite having the best intentions the statement is still sexist?

Just because women aren't generally superior when it comes to physical altercations does not mean I lack the ability to handle myself in a hostile situation.

Had this occurred to you, I highly doubt you would be so placid.

And if someone did try and rob the store, I would follow the exact same procedures for a robbery that I was trained for at Rite Aid- Baxter, Rite-Aid-Prince and Hobby Lobby.

The face is, I was told I wouldn't be considered firstly for the position because I was a women and not a man. That I wouldn't be consider for hire unless there was a second person on shift, a male, to "protect" me from whatever monsters are roaming Baxter St between the hours of 4pm-11pm.

I worked for Rite Aid Baxter St, literally a few feet up the road, for two years, working the night shift. Same shift of hours I was applying for at Modern Age. I highly doubt that Modern Age is located is more dangerous territory than Rite Aid.

Just because most women aren't superior in physical altercations does not mean that I am willing to except being treated as an inferior.

After all the ad stated "Computer skills required" and not "Penis and balls required."

"Have you considered that despite having the best intentions the statement is still sexist?"

So... this guy needs to be punished because of an ignorant remark? Ash, really, where would that put you? And the comments I commonly hear from you? And the judgments you pass on people? I dunno, it's dumb, but not something I think worth all the bitching over.

Maybe instead of looking for crap jobs like this, you should start working on a career? I think you're less likely to run into ignorant people at a real job.

I don't think I will ever be convinced that sexual discrimination isn't worth "all the bitching over".

Also, I have been working on my career as a novelist for a year now, with my current novel over 16,000 words.

And before you get too judgmental, please realize that the "crap job" you are referring to is little different than the job my husband and room mate do every day for about 40/hrs a week.

A job that has been making our monthly mortgage payments on our house on time for little over a year.

Or is that not "real" enough for you.


p.s I find it sad that for the last several months the only time I hear from you is when you are tearing into me when I'm already down.

Further more, I would have thought as my friend and fellow female you would have some measure of understanding of how hurtful your words could be. It is one thing for you to disagree with me on a controversial topic and another to allude to the fact that the way I live my life is worthless in your eyes.

I don't think the things you do are worthless; however, I just think you need to grow up. How much of the income in your household do you bring in? How much does the writing career bring in? Hell, have you had anything published yet? When was the last time you applied for a job that wasn't directly related to frivolous spending such as funding LARP trips? When have you actually done something to better your life lately and fully followed up on it?

Because the only things I hear about you and your life come from your journal, and these are the conclusions I draw from what I read. I hear a lot bitching about inconsequential things, whining, and not a lot about accomplishments. I tend to be hard on those I care about, because I expect a lot out of them, and I want to see them be successful. I've always felt you have a lot of potential, Ash, but a lot of times it comes off like you don't seem to want to put in the effort to really make use of that potential. It's very frustrating.

I wrote this very long, very mature, very adult worthy thing that didn't post the first time I wrote it. However, it went a little like this.

It's not about the money. I don't write for the money, I write for the joy that creating new worlds brings me. My artistic creations don't need to be validated with cash

You are not my mother. You have no right to tell me what to do with my free time.

If you don't want to read what I have to say, by all means DON'T! No one is putting a gun to your head.

Just a few posts back you were saying you needed money. Or is your art suppying the rent?

My LARPing is important to me and at one point it was important to you too. Remember that

I'm done here. I dont have to justify my actions, hobbies and activities to you. I have fun with what I do and the friends I have gained from doing it. At one point, you were not so different. I don't know why you insist on acting like a cold hearted bitch, but whatever. I don't have time for your snobby, elitist attitude.

Go fuck with someone else.

I really think it all boils down to this guy not wanting to be liable for anything happening to woman he hired and put on the night shift. Probubly thinks it'd make him look like a jerk. Ironic huh? I agree with Molly that he ought to have kept his mouth shut about such reasonings. You'll find something better anyways, I'm sure half the guys who walk into that store are pricks anyways.

Ash on the warpath, Yeehaw!

I see this from both sides, I think it was unfair of him to tell her that, and that she should still be able to be hired, but at the same time I understand that he wouldn't want to be responsible. I work night shift at a hotel and I am the only freaking person on staff and to be honest it is a little scary, but once more it isn't right for the guy to tell her that just cause she is female. Someone who is desprate isn't going to care whether the person behind the desk is male or female. The best thing I can say to owners in situation like that is that they need to make sure and train their staff in how to deal with such situations. And to be honest stuff can happen on any shift. Ash I sorry that this happened to you, but do try to see it from both sides, and yes this needed to be reported cause that isn't fair.

P.S. I know anything I write is a jumble and has to be pieced together sometimes to make since.



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